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ECHO Chamber Orchestra  - Mission
Out of the Box and Onto the Stage


Evolving out of the interest of working musicians seeking a more active role in the orchestral realm, ECHO Chamber Orchestra brings fresh energy and musical verve to orchestral performance.  ECHO strives to create a collaborative musical experience that is both satisfying for the musicians and engaging for the listeners.  With players having a stake in the choice of repertoire and soloists and audiences encouraged to voice their musical interests, ECHO resounds in the community and in the hearts of the musicians. ECHO imbues the European tradition of a fine orchestra in every town with the Bay Area spirit of innovation, self-determination and enthusiasm, offering a growing body of listeners concerts that are warm, local and out of the orchestral box. 

Resounding into the Future


ECHO Chamber Orchestra provides an opportunity for musicians to contribute to programming through recommending repertoire, soloing and arranging music.  Unlike the typical top-down orchestral structure, ECHO is collaborative and offers a unique musical experience to players who are seeking more active involvement.  


Having built an audience and a reputation over two seasons with professional musicians volunteering their time to produce and perform innovative concerts, ECHO is prepared to take the next step.  We will reach further into the community to increase our budget, build our donor base and apply to granting organizations.  Paying musicians for their work will contribute to the consistency and stability of the ensemble.  Other funding goals include continuing to collaborate with composer/arrangers and interesting soloists and having the freedom to perform pieces with significant rental costs.


ECHO currently produces three concerts per year and looks ahead to growing this to a five concert season over the next five years. We continue to connect with our audience through post concert gatherings and interactive opportunities.

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