Events Season 20 | 21

                                        The CURIOUS EAR 

                                                             An Adventure in the

                                                                  Composer's Workshop


ECHO Chamber Orchestra and Composer Belinda Reynolds will present a series of three webinars to explore the compositional process online in real time with composer Belinda Reynolds, conductor Daniel Canosa and musicians from ECHO.
This is an opportunity for participants to watch and listen as the composer brings the skeleton of a new work and begins the work of colorizing it with the orchestral instruments.  ECHO musicians will play fragments of music in different ways, taking time to point out interesting aspects of their instruments.  Webinar participants will be invited to offer suggestions that will be played in real time as a new element in the process.
- The first session, on Jan 11 at 7 PM, begins with a piano rendition of a section of the new work, working with the upper instruments of the orchestra. 
- In the second session, on Jan 18 at 7 PM, a similar process will work with the lower instruments.
- In the final session, on Feb 1 at 7 PM, Belinda will present an edited and mixed recording using material from the first two sessions. 
When public performances are again allowed, ECHO will perform the new piece “ECHOS” live.
Tickets are $10-15/each, or $25 for the series and are available through Eventbrite. Participants may attend any or all of the webinars.